Brother Ergou said that Tony in the city was very powerful and could cut a very masculine hairstyle. Bai Qi has always been the kind of person who does not like to read and read, even if there are countless words floating on the screen, he can turn a blind eye and only see his own face. With his arm movements, the camera zoomed out, and the people watching the live broadcast felt more and more suffocated. Slowly, from the death angle of a face covering the screen, to the headshot of a serious camera, to the slender neck, the obvious Adam's apple, the strong chest.. Although Bai Qi has a baby face, he has a good figure. Apart from the good genes and the demon lineage bonus, it is also the result of his years of training over mountains and mountains. What the *** is this?? [This is not Xia Xia, this cliff is not.] Where did the adulterer come from? Let Xia Xia come back! I have a bad feeling.. I think he and Bai Xia are really a bit like each other. People who say they are not like each other only remember the filter, right? How can a normal human face look like that? [Who the *** is this? Is this the beginning of the indescribable content? This is not to be popular, but to die. [Let's keep an eye on the screen every second, and continue on this scale, and we're about to start the segment of harmony at any time.] Bai Qi suddenly found that there is an option, after clicking on,spill plastic pallet, his face on the screen will appear different effects. This is fun! He chose the most common one first, which seemed to be saved by his sister for daily use. After clicking, he found that his eyes were bigger, his chin was sharper, and his skin was whiter. [Day!!!! It's really Bai Xia!] [This car has been turned over thoroughly, and it can be washed without filters. It's not me. Now,plastic pallet supplier, except for the hairstyle, this face is obviously the same as usual.] [*** me, refund!!] I want to report her. Is there no identity verification for grapefruit? [I vomited. I vomited all the sweet potatoes yesterday. Every day, the cute girl is a big X cute girl.] [Hahahahahahaha, the plot loved by the people who eat melons has begun, which is absolutely unexpected.] I knew he would roll over, but I never thought he was a man. Did a group of idiots just lick the screen at this guy? Please continue, this face is really OK. So Bai Xia usually wears a wig on the live broadcast? The voice is also a voice changer. Although he is a little brother, he is so good-looking. Sorry, I have no position. Even if I am a fan of Tang Lingyi, I don't want to black him now. [The facial features are OK, but his hairstyle is too rustic. I still can't forgive him for taking advantage of our general manager Tang.] Apart from the fans with true feelings who brush dirty words and abuse, most of them are passers-by who come to watch. Especially after Tang Lingyi's fans appeared, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible bulk container, many people thought of Bai Xia who was on the list. So is Mr. Tang here? I want to know Mr. Tang's impressions. [Maybe it's the ID of a team] [Ask General Manager Tang about the area of psychological shadow now..] Tang Zong, Tang Zong, did you see it? Do you see this guy who is praised to the skies by you? Is it beautiful?] However, to everyone's disappointment, the live broadcast was turned off before the recent well-known ID "Tang Lingyi Handsome Boy" came. Bai Xia's account did not have any explanation and did not send any more messages. On the forum of grapefruit live broadcast, the topic of Bai Xia has been discussed crazily. At the same time, a live broadcast just now and previous playback clips were quickly made into videos and sent to Weibo. # Online celebrity live broadcast turns into a man in seconds # # Big X Cute Girl Live Cheat Money # Originally, Bai Xia, who was only a little famous in the grapefruit live broadcast circle, went out of the circle with the two hot searches that quickly reached the top. The anchors, who had previously regarded her as a threat, spared no effort to expand her influence after watching the play. White summer is red, but it will be cold soon. The live broadcast of the accident was in full swing on the Internet, and Bai Xia's name was also passed on by word of mouth in private, becoming the most frequently mentioned name in the WeChat group, QQ group, circle of friends, and public account tonight. No matter the netizen that daily mixes which circle, talk about this topic coincidentally tonight. Did you hear about the white summer? What, you don't know? Let me tell you about.. Topic makers know nothing about hot search. Bai Qi suddenly turned off the live broadcast because he was caught. When he heard someone knocking at the door before he had finished studying the filter that could deform his facial features, he thought it was his sister. As soon as he opened the door, he was handcuffed and told, "Please come with us and advise you not to try to escape or resist. If you use witchcraft, you will be punished." Bai Qi, wearing pink pajama pants and naked upper body, glanced at the handcuffs on his hands, and then glanced at the serious-looking demon clan colleagues at the door. It seems that this scene has only been seen in TV dramas. Bai Qi did not dare to move and stood where he was. "Can I wait for my sister? She will be back soon." Two men stepped back at the door, and then he saw Bai Xia, who was also handcuffed behind them. Is that her? Bai Qi looked at the same confused sister: "Er, yes." "Let's go that way." The muddle-headed duo were captured without any resistance. Jiang He, who was leaning against the corner, almost dropped the smoke in his hand when he saw the real form of Bai Qi coming out. Shirtless, pink pajama pants, bunny slippers.. Male. And a jarhead! Jiang he took a look at the white summer, and then looked at the white Qi, eyeful of words. Finally, Bai Xia looked at his brother's style and discussed with Jiang He and said, "Big brother, can you trouble me?"? I think you are wearing two clothes. Can you lend one to my brother? Kang Hyuk: ".." It seems that considering that they are taken out like this, the public influence is not very good. Jiang He tightened his brows,foldable bulk container, "go in and get a dress for him to put on." "That's the big brother." Bai Xia patiently explained, "I don't have any clothes he can wear at home. Just now I was going to find my cloth bag and go out to buy him some clothes.". But before you could, you had me arrested. Kang Hyuk was speechless.