In the early years of Yu of the Xia Dynasty, the Youqiong clan became strong. The king of Youqiong, the Marquis of Yi, was a far-sighted man. In order to seek greater development, he moved the capital from Youqiong to Qiongshi and submitted to the Xia Dynasty. In the ninth year of the reign of Emperor Yu, the elder king of a poor country died in Qiongshi, and his 19-year-old son Yi succeeded to the throne and became the new chief of a poor country. Yi was ambitious and ambitious. He had a strong tribe. Soon after he ascended the throne, he had the idea of fighting for the world with Xia Houshi. In the second year of the reign of Emperor Qi, the second king of the Xia Dynasty, Wang Qi, convened the "Juntai Congress", which was attended by princes from all over the country. Yi also attended the conference at that time. At the meeting, he witnessed with his own eyes the majestic spirit of commanding the world, and was very envious. He thought that being a man should be like this, and that being the king of the world with great vigour would not waste his life. After the "Juntai Congress", the ambitious Yi began to prepare for the world. He led his people to actively develop agriculture and handicraft industry, vigorously develop their own resources, improve the national economy, strengthen military strength, and then expand outward, annexing some small countries around, making some poor countries stronger and stronger. By the end of the reign of Emperor Qi, a poor country had become a powerful country north of the Yellow River. In the ninth year of the reign of Emperor Qi, Yi learned of the death of King Qi of Xia and passed the throne to his eldest son Kui Taikang. Smiling,Time Delay Tap, he said to the princes, "Xia Houshi will soon be in chaos." When the princes asked him why, he said: "Xia Wang Qi's six sons are all ignorant people, and that Taikang is a bag of wine and rice. How can the world not be chaotic if such a person is king?" Sure enough, he was right. After Taikang came into power, he did not do his job properly. He pursued eating, drinking and playing blindly, and left all the government affairs to the ministers to do. Some ministers seized the opportunity to engage in malpractices for personal gain, corruption and bribery,Flushometer valve, and the government of the Xia Dynasty gradually became chaotic. Yi thought that the time had come for him to fulfill his ambition, so he began to recruit talents, train the army, and prepare to look for opportunities to attack the Xia Dynasty and seize the power of the Xia Houshi. This opportunity has finally come. This day the spies came to report that King Taikang of Xia had gone hunting in Luonan with several ministers and some of his troops. When Yi got the news, he was very happy. Immediately called the minister of civil and military affairs to the court, and at this time Yi's wife cod is a wizard, good at observing the method of gas she told Yi said, recently she looked up at the celestial phenomena, now Daxia nine dragon gas seems to be collected by what person, Yi now that the Daxia royal family in the dragon vein emperor gas is weak, at the moment the troops will win, this Yi a listen to some of the original heart Prepare to send troops immediately. Yi immediately let people find out about the current situation of the Xia Dynasty, and immediately called several of his trusted followers to discuss, ready to seize the opportunity to send troops to attack the Xia capital. His wife Cod was not only a sorcerer, but also a female hero. Cod was familiar with the art of war. She suggested that all the boats and bamboo rafts of the people should be collected at once, and the soldiers should be divided into two groups. One group crossed the Yellow River from the west to take the city, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and then attacked the western area of Daxun from the east. The other group crossed the Yellow River from the east to take Gongyi, and attacked the eastern area of Daxun. In this way, as long as there is a way to attack and search, it can be done. Yi thought his wife's plan was very clever, so he immediately ordered him to be the chief general, and Wu Luo and Bo, because of their lieutenants, led three thousand elite soldiers to the Eastern Route Army, responsible for attacking the eastern part of the Xia Dynasty. He and his wife and General Xiong led three thousand men into the Western Route Army to attack the western region of the Xia Dynasty. The two armies immediately went out at the same time, crossed the Yellow River, and stormed the Xia army. The chief general of the Eastern Route Army was Yi's brother-in-law, who was also a sorcerer. However, he majored in sorcery warfare. He was brave and skillful in fighting. He was highly skilled in martial arts. He had three deadly forks in his hands. He had led his troops to war many times and had made numerous military exploits. His lieutenants, Wu Luo and Bo Yin, were both wise and resourceful, and had made many military exploits for poor countries. Three people led the rate of three thousand soldiers rushed to the east of the Yellow River ferry. At this time, there was only one ferry boat at the ferry crossing, and the boat was not very big, so it could only take ten people at a time. Seeing that it was not too late, he immediately sent dozens of people to nearby villages to collect boats. In a short time, more than twenty fishing boats were found. The men crossed the river in batches in order, and in the evening, all three thousand troops crossed the Yellow River and came to the other side. The other side already belonged to the territory of the Xia Dynasty. But it seemed that Daxia was really as unlucky as the cod had said, and that this strategically important place had no defense at all, not even the shadow of a soldier. The local people were frightened to hide far away when they saw so many poor soldiers crossing the river. He immediately ordered not to harass the local people as his sister had told him to do. After a short rest, the army rushed to Gongcheng immediately, and he gave the order. Want his soldiers with the fastest degree, before the sun goes down, take Gongcheng, for dinner in the city with the fast forward, all the way across the village of many Xia Houshi residents, but also do not know why but did not encounter any obstruction, even to the Xia Dynasty officials are not reported, this can not help but sigh destiny in the poor. In the evening, he led the vanguard army to the outskirts of Gongcheng very smoothly. At that time, Nagong City was an important town in the north of the Xia Dynasty, with 500 defenders. This ShouJiang Gongcheng is a guy of unknown origin, it is said that he was originally a scoundrel, because the point of kungfu, gathered a gang of people to rob the house, highway robbery, and then the money will be straight, with the stolen gold and silver jewelry bribery of the xia Dynasty in charge, bought Gongcheng ShouJiang such an official position, grandly became an official of the xia Dynasty, It can be seen that the Xia Dynasty, which was founded less than thirty years ago, has been corrupted to a certain extent. This Gongcheng garrison, said to be five hundred people, but in fact even two hundred people are not enough, the remaining more than three hundred people are false. Most of the existing 200 people are old, weak, sick and disabled,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, and few of them can go to the battlefield. But if not, how can the general who spent money to buy his official position make up for his loss? At this time, the general was playing with several ladies in the mansion. A messenger suddenly rushed in and reported to him that a poor army had crossed the Yellow River and was heading for Gongcheng. Please prepare early.