A DIY moving project is stressful and is a bitter truth. To keep hassle at bay, customers prefer moving with moving professionals. Experienced packers and movers in Greater Noida understand that logistics businesses should prove their genuineness to garner a loyal customer base. They also know that fraudsters have been expanding their market for a long time to loot customers. Therefore, they try their best to protect customers from shady movers. Here are some signs that will help you differentiate between fraudsters and genuine movers, helping you make the right move. Take a look:

  1. They happily provide written agreement - Reliable relocation service providers are not sweet talkers. They believe in professional talks and seal the deal in writing. Also, they offer insurance coverage to their clients. 
  1. They have all legitimate records in place - Trustworthy home shifting companies have all legal records in place, like registration certificates, licenses, legal permits, and GST registration, that they confidently show to their customers if asked. 
  1. They never lower their prices after a bit - You may find this point difficult as you may think that even shady movers can offer you services at competitive rates, so how will you recognize them? Isn’t it? Dishonest movers can offer services at competitive prices, but when you say NO to them, they reduce their rates to a lower extent. Genuine packers and movers rates in Noida are always
  1. Their true persona reflected in their presence - Moving specialists have a robust online and offline presence that can be seen in their web persona, market reputation, etc. Also, they provide references from their previous clients if asked. 

Bottom Line 

We hope you found the article helpful. So, keep these tips in mind when looking for professional movers to make a smart and safe move.